up2us extends and generalizes RedHat's up2date agent (a software agent that updates packages on Red Hat Linux) such that it can fetch and install packages from any number of servers, in addition to RedHat's RHN, which run Hunter Matthew's Current server software which provides all of the important functions of RedHat's RHN. Unlike RedHat RHN server, Current is open software and supports anonymous updates, and is not a fee-based system like RHN.

In the works is the addition of the Bram Cohen's BitTorrent secure peer-to-peer download protocol, essentially eliminating the "slashdot effect" of overloading smaller download servers when a new package is released.

up2us does not modify up2date in any way; up2date remains 100% backwards compatible. Up2us manages multiple SSL certificates and GPG keyrings such that all updates are obtained and installed securely and safely.

And a big THANKS! to the Public Software Fund which paid for development of this project; consider them for funding your free software/open source project.

Tom Jennings < tomj at wps dot com >

download up2us here.

up2us-1.1-2.i386.rpm The most recent version of up2us is available here and of course can be obtained from the ZERO repository using up2us itself (once installed, of course; see man page).

The source package, individual modules for perusal, and some of the significant support files are viewable here.

source Source RPM; not generally needed.
up2us up2us is the main Gtk interface, it's also the ugliest code. It will get a massive workover soon. The command line version of up2us is run from here. All of the functions provided by the main module, above, are here in text-only form. does all of the low-level work, but it contains little process context, which up2us and provide. contains a few handy hostname checks. executes other programs and generates log chatter.
README Like, whatever.
Makefile Here's the Makefile I use to build the package for distribution, reasonably well commented. It invokes rpm to assemble the package (from the spec file, below) and has one nifty feature: the program name/version/release data is stored only in one place, in the main module up2us, extracted by make, and passed to rpm for building.
up2us.spec The spec file for up2us. The man page and Redhat's Maximum RPM site are filled with errors and omissions (filled with omissions?!) so peering at this might be useful. rpm is pretty nice at cobbling together all the annoying things needed to distribute a package. This works very closely with the Makefile. SSL certificate You don't need to download this, up2us will fetch it. GPG keyring You don't need to download this, up2us will fetch it.